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Are you looking for mini dental implants near Covington, Kentucky? If so, you’re in the right place. In this post, we explain what they are and the benefits that they offer.


Mini Dental Implants & Their Benefits

Mini dental implants are slightly smaller and less invasive versions of regular implants.

In a regular implant, dentists first insert a titanium post into the jaw which fuses to the bone. They then attach a crown on top once the implant has healed for approximately 5- or 6-months. The resulting prosthetic looks and acts just like a regular tooth.

Mini dental implants are only one piece, and their smaller diameter has a big advantage — it requires very little healing time. So, you can have your smile much sooner without the downtime from sutures and bone grafting surgeries.


What Are The Benefits Of Mini Dental Implants?

The mini dental implants near Covington available via Freedom Mini Dental offer a variety of benefits. These include:

  • A Single Piece: Regular dental implants are made of two pieces: the abutment/crown and the implant. By contrast, mini dental implants are a single item made of a crown connected to a post.
  • No Preliminary Treatment: You don’t usually need to undergo a bone graft for mini dental implants, but you might if your implants are full-size, traditional implants.
  • Great If You Don’t Have Much Gum Or Bone: Tooth loss can lead to loss of the surrounding gum and bone, making full-size implants impractical. Mini implants, however, require far less anchoring material.

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About Covington, Kentucky

Freedom Mini Dental Implants serves patients in Covington, Kentucky.

Covington is a small city located in Kenton County in the state of Kentucky, next to the Licking and Ohio rivers.

The city was founded as far back as 1814 by local farmers who purchased a large area of land. The settlement became formally recognized by the Kentucky general assembly a year later and then became a fully-fledged city in 1834.

By 1900, the town had grown considerably. At one point, it was the second-largest industrial area in the whole of the state with a population of more than 42,000, over 12 percent of which were foreign-born.

The town of Covington declined in importance as an economic hub during the Great Depression. However, by the late 20th century, the town had recovered somewhat and began thriving once more.

Covington is in what meteorologists call a “climatic transition zone.” Sometimes, weather patterns in the city resemble those of the tropics, while other times, they are more like a traditional temperate region. The city sees long, hot, and humid summers and cool, dry winters.

The majority of people living in Covington are of white heritage, with 10 percent of African-American descent. The rest of the population is Asian, Pacific Islander, and Native American.

Incomes in the city are about average for the country, with a family median income of $38,000.

The principal employer of the city is the Internal Revenue Service, which has major offices in the local area. Fidelity Investments – a major financial institution – also employs several thousand local residents. Other notable employers include Club Chef and Rosedale Manor – a local senior living residence.