A smaller implant is less invasive


Mini implants can be a great alternative to dentures or traditional implants: Dentures can be uncomfortable and inconvenient when they move in your mouth and many people are not able to or don’t want the invasive surgery of traditional implants. Mini implants are much less invasive than traditional restorative options and much more permanent than dentures. Mini implants may be a great option to meet your needs.

Mini implants get their name from their diameter: a mini dental implant is any implant typically smaller than 3.0mm in diameter. While being smaller than traditional implants, they are as strong and durable. Because of the smaller size they can be placed in tighter spaces or where bone loss has occurred. And, since the late 1990’s, mini dental implants are FDA approved for long-term restorations.

Mini dental implants offer an alternative to traditional surgical implants. Developed over 30 years ago, mini dental implants were designed to give dentists a solution for patients having minimal bone where a larger, surgical implant would not work. Additionally, the one-piece design meant that dentists could give patients their new smiles in a fraction of the time of the traditional implant option.

Over the years, mini dental implants have advanced significantly. Freedom Implants, in Louisville, KY, uses American-made Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® and Intra-Lock® brand implants, which incorporate an extremely strong titanium-alloy like what is used in other medical implants, like hip and knee joints. And, the proprietary coating, Ossean®, helps promote faster bone integration to reduce the chances of premature failure.

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Why Mini Dental Implants? Dr. Regan Ackerman. Freedom Mini Dental Implants.Mini Dental Implants in Louisville Kentucky 40272
Why Mini Dental Implants? Dr. Regan Ackerman. Freedom Mini Dental Implants.Mini Dental Implants in Louisville Kentucky 40272

Mini, but mighty!

Small in name and size, mini dental implants offer big reasons to learn more such as:

  • Quick installation and recovery: in some cases we can place your teeth in one day.
  • Greater stability and support: options to support single tooth crowns, stabilize removable dentures without messy glue, or permanent teeth for the greatest freedom.
  • Affordability: at half the cost of traditional implants, these implants definitely give you something to smile about!

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