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There’s nothing worse than realizing an adult tooth is loose when you are getting older. Loose teeth can be so difficult to deal with, especially as it could mean that your dental health needs a little check up. Many people who notice a tooth is loose and beginning to fall out start to explore their options as to replacing the tooth. Sometimes, this means that they think dentures are the only option open to them. It’s not, and we’re proud to say it!

When it comes to dental implants, it really depends on the condition of the jawbone as to whether it’s possible to have them installed into your mouth. It’s always too hard to place implants when the jawbone is too thin, and if there is not enough support, conventional implants are too difficult to install into the mouth. This is where most people hit a wall and think that dentures are their only option – but what about mini dental implants?


An Option For All

Mini implants are the better solution for those with a thinner jawbone who need the extra support and cannot get it with the regular dental implants. Getting your mini dental implants is the best thing that you could do for your missing teeth! 

Mini dental implants get their name because they are smaller than 3mm in diameter. The good news is that while they’re smaller than the traditional options, they’re just as durable and as strong. Even better? They can fit in tighter spaces where bone loss has occurred. 

These offer the alternative that you are looking for to the traditional implants, and they’ve been around for 30 years now! 


Benefits Of Mini Dental Implants

There are several benefits to having mini dental implants installed into your jaw and these include:

  • Minimum gum tissue disturbance
  • Minimal disturbance to the bone leads to a far shorter healing period
  • Less chance of implant failure
  • Almost no discomfort or pain
  • Affordable option compared to traditional implants
  • Fast! 

A lot of people don’t like the idea of dentures at a young age, but missing teeth in Louisville can happen for more reasons than just getting older. They also may feel uncomfortable with traditional implants, but with mini dental implants as an option, it’s not a problem

Mini dental implants may be small, but they’re every bit as mighty as you’d imagine that they could be. They’re so quick to install that you’re not in the dentist’s chair for very long! This makes the recovery is far quicker, too, and that’s better for patients all around. Mini dental implants are deceptive as though they are small, they can offer a great deal of support and stability in the mouth. They can fit the gap where you have lost a tooth with little issue.


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