dental implant illustration dental implants vs mini dental implants Dr. Regan Ackerman. Freedom Mini Dental Implants.Mini Dental Implants in Louisville Kentucky 40272At Freedom Mini Dental Implants, we offer a range of mini dental implant services in Louisville, Kentucky. Mini dental implants are smaller versions of traditional dental implants, but what’s the difference? Are there benefits of larger dental implants vs. mini dental implants? The truth is that both provide an effective solution to broken teeth or tooth loss, however, mini dental implants are more compact, and less invasive. 


Dental Implants vs. Mini Dental Implants

The main difference is that mini dental implants are smaller than the traditional version. This makes them available to patients with insufficient bone density to support a standard implant. This can be a common issue with tooth loss. The procedure for attaching mini dental implants is also less invasive. Normally, a dental implant requires what is known as an abutment, which holds it in place. In the case of mini dental implants, this is not necessary because they have a small ball at the end to secure the tooth. There is also minimal recovery time after this simpler procedure.

Another advantage of mini dental implants vs. traditional dental implants is that they’re more cost-effective. Due to the procedure being quicker and requiring less hardware, it’s much cheaper. In certain cases, however, traditional dentures may be recommended. This is only if the patient doesn’t have enough vertical bone to support the implant. This is rare and it’s more common for mini dental implants to be a solution to lack of bone support. More often than not, mini implants are a smaller, less invasive, cost-effective solution. Speak to your dentist to find out if they’d be a suitable option for you.


The Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

There are several benefits of both mini and traditional dental implants. Both are permanent solutions to lost or broken teeth and effectively restore your smile. Implants have a natural appearance, so your new tooth will fit perfectly into your jaw line and match the rest of your teeth. As well as looking completely natural, they also go unnoticed in your mouth as well. You won’t be able to feel your traditional or mini dental implants, and you can eat, drink, and speak normally. 

Mini dental implants vs traditional dental implants offer a new alternative for those without sufficient bone density to support larger implants. This means that it’s possible to provide a solution to more patients, and help get them to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted. Losing a tooth can affect your self-esteem, and mini dental implants are a cost-effective way to get your confidence back.


At Freedom Mini Dental Implants, we are experts in mini and traditional dental implants, dentures, and bridges, and offer a variety of solutions. Our friendly team is always available for health and advice. If you’re interested in dental implants, they’ll book you an appointment with one of our dentists to help you find the best treatment for you. If you would like to learn more about dental implants vs. mini dental implants, contact us today.