Crowns are basically caps or dental restorations that are fitted over teeth to change their appearance. Dental crowns can be made of several materials including porcelain, porcelain bonded to metal, ceramic and gold alloys.

Crowns are used when teeth have been broken, decayed or worn out over time. Crowns act as strengthening material for the teeth and are molded in dental labs. Increasingly people are using crowns to get the perfect smile. However dentists discourage using crowns because part of the tooth has to be shaved off in order to fix a crown.

Sometimes there isn’t enough original tooth to apply the crown to. In such a situation, the tooth is removed and a mini dental implant is placed in where the tooth was, which will support the crown to keep it in place.

Fitting of crowns takes more than one visit to the dentist. The crowns made match the teeth in color and shape and seem natural. You will also get used to the crown in your mouth quickly.

Crowns can last for many years depending on the care taken. Average life is 7-10 years. The cost for an implant and crown is $2,400 per crown, start to finish.

Dental crowns are very durable but remember that they don’t prevent tooth decay.