Taking care of your dental health should be more of a priority for people but without the worry of expensive treatments or dental procedures that don’t offer you stability or happiness for the long term. This was why Dr. Larry Stroud wanted to find a better solution for his patients. Frustrated with seeing his patients struggling with dentures and more traditional dental implant routes, he found an alternative in mini dental implants that could be a great option for his dental patients to consider – with no surgery needed, a quicker recovery time, and a more affordable option to get the smile they wanted. Dr Ragen Ackerman is proud to continue the legacy set by Dr. Stroud to change as many lives as possible with mini dental implants! 

Freedom Mini Dental Implants in Louisville, Kentucky, is proud to serve the local community specialising in this sort of procedure. The mini dental implants gives patients the ability to enjoy their favourite foods, fill gaps within the mouth and teeth structure even if there is minimal bone to be used, and it can generally improve the confidence and self-esteem levels of their patients. Offering an affordable alternative to some of the more traditional and common procedures, mini dental implants could be the ideal solution to giving you a smile you have dreamed of. 

Louisville, Kentucky

Freedom Mini Dental Implants serves the community of Louisville in Kentucky. We are based off the main road of Dixie Hwy. We are half an hour away from the nearest train station, but there are plenty of tram options that you can take, with the closest tram station being only a 7 minute walk from the practice. You can easily access Freedom Mini Dental Implants practice by car, and there are ample opportunities to park while you are in your appointment. Close by, you have plenty of shops and restaurants, meaning that your trip to the practice does not need to be a wasted journey. You have the options of eating in pizza joints or going shopping in the Walmart super centre. 

There are many residential areas in the local vicinity with churches, schools and childcare providers, which means that we are close enough to support you if you live in the local area.In Louisville, specifically, there are plenty of wonderful events that happen in the town throughout the year. These include the historical museums on offer, and the Old Lewe Craft beer festival that happens in the month of August. 

If you happen to be needing mini dental implants in Louisville, then Freedom implants are the best option to consider in the local area. Being able to be accessed by car, train, tram and bus links you really are in the best possible hands to finally get the smile you want. Why not contact us today by calling us on (502) 937-4930, and our full address is 10303 Dixie Hwy Louisville, KY 40272.